A good foodiee offering for foodservice

Plant based seafood and meat alternatives suitable for busy catering kitchens in all foodservice sectors

Plant-based Seafood that delivers on taste and texture like no other vegan seafood and our meat alternatives are perfect vegan substitutes for use in any dish.

Our range of vegan seafood and meat alternatives are perfect for the busy chef looking to create outstanding dishes which will appeal to vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians.

Our unique recipe for shrimpiee and squidiee gives the chef the opportunity to create amazing vegan seafood meals in the plant-based category. Our Breaded Shrimpiee and Breaded Calamariee are perfect for starters, mains and sharing platters with a delicate taste and crispy breaded coating they are guaranteed to delight your diners.

Our range of meat alternatives taste great and have the perfect texture to create any vegetarian or vegan dish as a replacement for meat.

Starters, mains, sides or party dishes, the HAPPIEE! range offers a plant based solution for creating delicious meals for any menu.

Ideas & inspiration using our seafood range

Salmon salad

Saut├ęd squidiee rings sharer

Tuna jacket potato