What we believe

Happiness begins at home…

We have a wonderful home. From the highest peak to the deepest seas our world is bursting with life that shelters us, sustains us and inspires us.

But now our home is in danger, and we know that it is up to us to protect it. We want to do our part to reduce our impact on the planet’s health and protect its future​.

So we pack HAPPIEE! Full of plant-based goodness – tasty and better for our planet too.

Wellness begins on the plate…

Are you ready to experience the mouth-watering flavours of the sea without harming our oceans and its magnificent creatures? Look no further than our delicious range of plant-based seafood alternatives, carefully crafted with love and respect for the Earth.

By choosing plant-based seafood, you are joining a global movement towards a healthier and more sustainable way of life. So, celebrate the flavours of the sea whilst preserving its delicate balance for generations to come.

Happiee is taste, texture and healthier plant-based protein.

Mealtime moments that make you feel good.

Dive into the exciting world of HAPPIEE! with “Shrimpee” and “Calamariee” – tasty prawn and squid alternatives. These plant-based heroes come in both plain and breaded formats, effortlessly transforming dishes like stir-fries, curries, ramen, paellas, and pasta. Versatility is key, and both products are quick and easy to cook, carry flavours well, and handle pan and air-frying with ease. The breaded options, with their light golden crumb, bring a crispy snacking experience that’s perfect for dipping and impressing at family feasts and parties.